Nail Biting Polish

Things You Should Know About Nail Biting Polish

Nail biting polish has been widely used as an effective Nail Biting Polishremedy to stop nail biters from biting their fingernails. Nail biting is quite a prevalent issue amongst kids, young adults and even amongst the grownups.

It knows no age, ethnicity, occupation or gender. Research shows that 3 out of 10 children and 4 out of 10 youngsters suffer from this annoying habit.

Nail biting polish – Is it Effective?

To put it simply – yes. It is an ingenious remedy , a specially formulated polish helps the nail biter in saying NO to the bad habit.  Not forgetting, of course, the fact is that it is not easy to get rid of a bad habit that a person has gotten used to for so many years.

Nail biting polish is a clear liquid that blocks the biter’s desire to bite their nails. It can be applied even as a top coat on your favourite nail polish colour and remains invisible when it dries. The strong odour also fades away once the coat is dried. When the polish dries, it leaves a bad taste on the nails and this helps in stopping the person from biting their nails. The nail biting polish normally lasts for about 42 hours once it is applied to the nails. After this time, you will need to apply another coat of nail biting polish to stop yourself from biting your nails.

Nail biting polish – How Does it Work?

Why do people bite nails anyway? There are a lot of reasons that cause this habit. Mostly, people bite nails because they have picked up this habit way back during their childhood but it may also be triggered by different emotions. Research proves that people start biting nails due to stress, anger or anxiety. If you are a nail biter yourself, aside from nail biting polish, you must learn to relax and gain control over your feelings. If after doing this and you have no clue why you are still biting nails, then you need to stop and think about other ways to get rid of the habit.

This nail biting solution is scientifically formulated to work for everyone and for all age groups. Even men can use this remedy to stop biting nails because polish is transparent and is almost unnoticeable. No matter how bitter it tastes, it contains no toxin and is a 100% safe to be used on children over 3 years.

The application of this specially formulated nail polish helps you to stop biting nails owing to the awful bitter taste it produces. It’s a simple, fast and effective remedy to get rid of a deep rooted bad habit. All you need to do is to apply your nail biting polish in the morning and relax. Every time you attempt to bite your nails your palate will receive the bitter flavour, it has an appalling tang. The taste of the nail biting polish will help you stop biting your nails and get rid of this habit.