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Nail Biting Polish….Nail Biting Treatment and Therapy. An annoyingly unhealthy habit, nail biting (also known as onychophagia) is relatively common among many people that have been doing this primarily since childhood. There are mainly psychological factors that explain why people bite their nails to a point where they need to start looking for a nail biting treatment for their issue.

The most common treatment for nail biting habits is a type of clear nail polish, applied to the nails, and releases a bitter flavor once it comes into contact with the mouth. This discourages the habit and is found to be an effective measure to prevent this body focused repetitive behavior.

On the medical side, there is a set of treatment techniques known as Behavior modification therapy which basically demonstrates ways to improve behavior and alter an individual’s overall reaction to certain situations or stimuli by using positive reinforcement to the good behavior, versus negative reinforcement to the bad behavior. In this case, negative reinforcements to change behavior are terms of extinction, punishment, and therapy.

Extinction techniques are basically focused on negative reactions to the bad behavior being acted out. For example when someone bites their nails only because they intend to attract attention, people ultimately ignore him, pay no attention, and in fact stop talking to him altogether until this behavior stops. This type of approach has to be consistent on a daily basis until the offense ends and the person does not do this any longer.

Punishment techniques are only resorted to if the behavior recurs and a series of extinction techniques no longer seem to work. This is the application of directly negative measures to a defiant behavior that has been repeated over and over again with the intent of testing the person of authority. Punishment may also be imposed by removing certain privileges until this habit is corrected.

Therapy is the final and last step towards treatment of body focused behavior that is repetitive and seems to have a deeper psychological issue attached to it. By taking the individual to a behavioral psychologist, this professional can determine the root cause of this behavior and find ways to treat with consistent consultation and, in some extreme cases, intervention with medications.

Another form of therapy is known as Family Treatment Therapy that basically uses family relationships with the individual in order to gradually pull him out of the behavioral disorder. Techniques and interventions focus on the relationships between the individual and family members in the home, as there may be factors in daily interactions that stimulate this behavior to increase in frequency rather than help to treat it.

Most families who find no clinical basis to the family therapy approach usually interpret this as a way for finding fault or blame with one of the family members in order to justify the behavior of a certain individual. Therapists are more interested in the solving of the problem rather than identifying the cause, and when this is misinterpreted, this approach then becomes controversial in some situations.

Most body focused repetitive behavior disorders, just like nail biting or onychophagia, occur during times of stress, excitement, boredom, or anxiety. Some extreme cases of behavior disorders are results of traumatic childhood experiences. If these behaviors reach a point where it affects the otherwise normal function of an individual, it is best to consult a professional to determine a treatment process.

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