Biting Fingernails

Biting Fingernails – Is It Really Such a Big Deal?

With about 60% of children and 45% ofBiting Fingernails teenagers biting fingernails many parents want to know if it is really such a big deal. Many times, you will hear from other parents that it is just a phase; they will grow out of it.

However, the truth is biting fingernails, no matter what the underlying reason, is a horrible habit that can cause several health problems.


Biting Fingernails Creates Health Concerns

One of the biggest reasons biting fingernails is such a big deal is because of the health concerns. In order to bite their fingernails a person has to stick not only their fingernail, but often a portion of their finger into their mouth. Hands and fingers come into contact with a variety of surfaces, all of which contain germs. By putting their fingers in their mouth and biting their fingernails, they are exposing themselves to a variety of germs. By exposing themselves to all of these germs they are more likely to get sick than people who do not bite their fingernails. Biting fingernails, apart from it being a bad habit, also changes the appearance of your fingernails, in a negative way!

Biting the fingernails causes the skin to tear, which can be made worse if you bite your cuticles in addition to your nails. There are some people who bite their nails so far down that the nail beds start bleeding. All of these openings are a way for germs to invade the body. Biting your fingernails will also cause your fingers to become red and swollen. This is because your fingers are infected and germs have invaded your body through the open skin.

How to Stop Biting Fingernails

Fingernails are not something that you can do without. Fingernails are harder than skin, which allows them to protect the fingertips. Your fingernails also help you to pick up things and are an important part of your body.

There are several remedies you can use to stop biting your fingernails. You can use nail polish, manicures, gloves, bandages, Mavala Stop and a variety of other remedies to get rid of this habit. Once you stop biting your fingernails, the nails will begin to grow properly and you can have them painted and finally have beautiful fingernails.

You can also find another habit to replace the habit of biting your fingernails. Some people drum their fingers, clasp their hands or put their hands in their pockets. You can also get a soft ball and start squeezing it in your hands each time you have the urge to start biting your fingernails.

Chewing gum is also another alternative you can use to stop biting fingernails. Keep your mouth engaged doing something else. You can do things with your hands, keep your fingers occupied and not idle. Keeping your fingers occupied will help you stop biting fingernails.

You can use these tips to stop biting your nails and get beautiful nails.