How To Stop Biting Your Nails


How To Stop Biting Your Nails….How to Leave Your Nails Alone!. You may be among the many people who want to stop nail biting. You probably developed this troublesome habit of chewing fingernails as a child. Your anti-chewing attempts become difficult to overcome since the habit is a form of neurosis that is closely linked to anxiety. Fingernail polish, and other deterrents are not enough.

You may think that overcoming such a habit would be nearly impossible. However, self-hypnosis can help you reach your goal. First it is important to consider your options to see how they stack up to the hypnosis approach to help you stop biting nails.

Topical Solutions

You may be familiar with the bitter varnishes and creams that are used to deter people from biting nails. This approach is purely topical and you may already know that the varnish doesn’t stay on for very long. The desire to bite your nail overrides the unpleasant taste.

The topical solutions don’t work for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that they do not address the fundamental problem. You bite your nails as a way to deal with anxiety. The nail biting is a habit that you have acquired and instilled in your daily routine.

Hypnosis CD

A hypnosis CD designed to stop nail biting takes the opposite approach. Self hypnosis is effective because it works in reverse. You have spent years developing and strengthening your nail biting habit. A topical solution and willpower are not enough.

You have to retrain and rehabilitate. A hypnosis CD can help you retrain how your mind works on a subconscious level. If you want to stop nail biting, you have to address it as a type of addiction that needs to be removed. This requires creating new habits.

New Habits

A good self hypnosis CD will be created by a professional hypnotherapist who knows how to relax your mind. This professional carefully chooses words that encourage and inspire you while calming you as well.

As you become accustomed to relaxing and calming yourself with the hypnosis CD, you are better able to stop nail biting. Self hypnosis addresses the source for the anxious habit and helps you overcome it by providing new habits that are much healthier.

Reasons Stop Nail Biting

You can effectively take control of your habits, especially if you understand the underlying causes that compel you to engage in the behavior. You may bite your nails out of sheer anxiety. Troubling thoughts can lead you continue the behavior.

The anxiety and troubling thoughts won’t go away after you bite your nails. The habit does nothing to help you and it can work against you. This neurosis is typically associated with childhood. People who do not bite their nails may not understand your condition.

Many people see biting nails as a dirty habit that spreads germs. Some consider it to be very distracting and they may not understand that it is a compulsion that you have. You can stop nail biting by using a self hypnosis CD to help you gain control.

In an effort to stop nail biting, one often tends to try out a series of solutions, but of no avail. For effective results, try the technique of self hypnosis through the medium of a hypnosis CD prepared by Duncan McColl, a professional hypnotherapist, offers helpful techniques to help combat the problem. This particular recording is just one of the vast series created by this talented hypnotherapist and is also backed by an impressive sixty-day money back guarantee.